Another Beach Picture

I was unexpectedly happy with this picture. I came across it after leaving it lying around for months. It was taken in the winter and it is now the middle of the summer. It brings back the memories of this time fro me and so, on that count, I consider it a success. I take pictures when out on a walk or session. Usually I will shoot a whole roll of film on one excursion or if I don’t quite finish a roll, I will take a couple of inconsequential images at the end of the roll so that I can develop it and see the results. My rate of ‘keeper’ images has been quite low and one of my objectives is to concentrate really hard to try and make each individual image better so that I improve the percentage of images per roll that I think are worth showing to others. I get some satisfaction in meeting my own internal standards for images, but I never know if these are too high, too low, or it just doesn’t matter. Maybe if I like one of my own pictures, then that’s enough.

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