Colour Film

I took this just to finish a roll of film while walking and it turned out to be one of my favourite photographs. It was taken on the cheapest Kodak colour film that I could find, but the colours are just much smoother and softer than I can achieve using a digital camera. It looks old, and calm, wet and green. This is why I like this picture and why taking photos confounds me because no matter how hard I try, I don’t have any consistency yet. I take some photos that I like, a whole load of photos that are rubbish, despite my best intentions – and the ones that I least expect to be any good turn out to be the ones I am happy with. I have taken black and white specifically because I wanted to cut down the variables to keep the result more within my control, however, this is a colour picture that I am really happy with, perhaps in part because I cut the subject down to the green of the tree, cut the composition down to the branches of the tree and looked at what I was doing.

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