A Field Near Stratford

These were taken after seeing a field near Stratford-upon-Avon, with barley growing high – although not yet ripe. I tried to take some pictures focusing on the texture of the stalks of plants. I am not quite sure how successful it was. I have seen pictures of the texture of a field with the plants almost looking as if they are moving in the wind. I don’t think I managed to capture this movement or texture, but I got some way towards what I was after. I need to look really carefully at each picture and think very hard about what I was attempting to capture – and see how it did or, more importantly, how it didn’t fit what I attempted to get out of the picture. Maybe I can’t quite see this until I have lived with the pictures for quite a while. I will come back to looking at these in a while and see what I think I can do next time.

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