What about all these other photos, then?

I have been thinking about the importance of having narrative in photos and have become quite hung-up about it. Thinking about what makes a good story and how it can be represented in a picture has made me question the value of all these pictures I have that evidently have no particular story. Well, first of all, do they definitely not have anything that could remotely be called narrative elements? Like the above – is there nothing that suggests a narrative of any kind? Ok, the answer to that is probably no. Does it make the picture valueless? I don’t think so. Does it make it less valuable than a dramatic moment in a war-torn country or a heated debate in the lines of a demonstration? My instinct is to say yes – it’s like the hierarchy of genres in painting: historical, portraiture, landscape, still life. Maybe I’m just languishing down there in the least important genres. Does that matter? Certainly not now. It does give me something to while away the hours when I am fed up over-thinking the other really important issues in life, but it doesn’t matter. Certainly not yet.

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